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 Star Wars Episode 7

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PostSubject: Star Wars Episode 7   Sat Jan 05, 2008 10:28 pm

Chapter 7: Return to Naboo

After the death of Palpatine,
Luke Skywalker is happy. But not Naboo,
Naboo is under attack and same with
the Gungans.

Ranto Fett, a brother that was unknown before
turns into a bounty hunter just like his dad and
brother did. He starts attacking Naboo and the

Jar Jar, now king of Gungans, goes insane as
Ranto Fett abducts him and may sudden the
king to death.

Meanwhile Wedge Antilles and Luke get a new
ship: an M-Wing. Wedge finds out about Naboo
and also finds out Ranto Fett isn't the only one
doing something, a new sith lord named
Roker-Sillan Ropkis is plotting a plan to
use an army of his ships, called RSR Destroyers.

During the Battle of Naboo, Wedge is almost shot
down and R2-D2 on Luke's ship, is slightly damaged.
Leia hears about it from the Rogue Station and Han
Solo and Chubaka head for Naboo.

Droids come in and start to attack the people of
Naboo. Luckily, right before Wedge is about to
die, Chubaka has a lucky shot and hits Ropkis.
Ropkis doesn't die but flee's with plans that
Palpatine had in mind before death.

Luke goes to visit Gungans, and then finds
out about the Fett. At first he didn't believe
them because he thought that Boba was the
last Fett. Then Leia contacts her twin brother
and he finds out the Gungans were right. He
heads to a secret building and finds Ranto
there about to kill.

Luke takes action and fights him and when
Ranto his aiming, Luke cuts off his head
with his green lightsaber. He introduces
himself to Jar-Jar who thinks that Luke
looks like his father.

At a ceremony for rescuing Jar-Jar,
Ropkis comes in and without warning,
kills Jar-Jar. Ropkis flees.
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Star Wars Episode 7
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